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1201 N Orange Rd Suite 7134 Wilmington, DE 19801

TEL: (302)3148200

3277 S White Rd PMB 77062 San Jose, CA 95148

TEL: (408)4185645

11807 Westheimer Rd 550 PMB 15132Houston, TX 77077

TEL: (713)5976980

About Us


Microtec is known for its high-quality and incredible precision machining, as well as outstanding service. Each detail, such as pre-production review and delivering parts to your shelf, receives our complete attention to ensure we do it great the first time.

As customized part should get flexible, customized service, all employees at Microtec know well how to handle the most specific requests with great accuracy and ease. We will develop unique supply chain programs that give you better control over procurement processes, while assuring availability of all required parts in a timely manner.

Microtec is based on many years of experience gained by our staff in the high-precision machining industry. We are able to reduce costs, inspection efforts and lead-time, as well as provide essential improvements of processes, such as adaptation for manufacturability.

We at Microtec treat our customers the way we want to be treated – with integrity, honesty and the desire to provide highest-quality products, backed up by our extraordinary customer service.

How can we be of assistance to you?

We commit to built strong relationships with every customer by frequent communication and unmatched service. We are excited to be serving your company’s production machining and prototype needs.


We are proud to be constantly meeting delivery deadlines and lead times for our customers.


We maintain innovative nature and low overhead, which allow you competitive pricing.


Compromise is not an option in terms of quality.


No more than 24 hours from the time of request.


Applying communication skills, teamwork and commitment to success, we are motivated to be unparalleled organization with the definitive goal of becoming “the optimal solution to the customers’ specific needs”.

The ownership and integrity our employees share deliver our customers a complete manufacturing package.

Another aspect of our mission is regarding Quality CNC machining, as well as pattern tooling services.

Microtec will systematically deliver services and products that meet all of our customers’ expectations and requirements. We will operatively attain ever-improving standards of quality through constant improvement efforts to assure all work is done properly – every time.