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High quality, quick delivery at competitive prices!

Precision CNC Machining Services

As a leading company in precision cnc machining services, we provide a large variety of custom-made products, plastic or metal, utilizing prototype machining to best suit the needs of the client. Over time, working alongside the medical, automotive, and defense services industries we have encountered numerous machining challenges, transforming us into unparalleled experts. Our primary goal is to provide our clients with competent and proficient services and consultation, as we are always happy to explore new and challenging CNC machining projects.

Whether you have a complete design or you are still in mid-process, our precision cnc machining services specialists are ready to provide you with their insight on the materials and designs that best meet your manufacturing goals. It is highly important to us to give each project attention and support per its individual requirements and needs, as we always keep in mind that each project is one of a kind. In order to provide you with the best solution, we offer machining services that meet your schedule and budgetary needs and have the specifications and tolerances you desire.
Using technologically advanced machines allows us to accommodate a large number of custom projects, while each step of the process is carefully monitored by our quality department.


We deliver products manufactured in the best facilities. All components are customized as per the client requirements and tested for maximum durability. We deliver high-quality components at competitive price on time to the full satisfaction of our customers.

Delivery – Meeting delivery and lead time deadlines of our customers and competitive pricing is our first priority.

Quality – There is no compromise in quality for our customers from start to finish.

Reliability – Nearly 100% of our customers are return customers, which perfectly demonstrates how they feel about us.

​We commit ourselves to maintain frequent communication and serve you like no other in the industry to meet all your machining needs.

Innovative – We are highly regarded within the industries we serve because we are constantly improving our service, products and prices to help you push the envelope with your product platform.

Ethics – With excellence comes responsibility, and ours reach far to encompass all our customers, partners, employees, the environment and the communities that we serve.

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The choice of material is a critical component in determining the overall functionality and cost of your part: the designer specifies the material characteristics that are most important for the design – hardness, rigidity, chemical resistance, heat treatability and thermal stability just to name a few. Microtec have a wide variety of metals and plastic materials as well as other custom materials available on request.

Metals – As a general rule, softer metals like aluminum and brass, as well as plastics, machine easily and will require less time to remove material from the part blank, which in turn reduces machining time and cost. Harder materials like stainless steel and carbon steel must be machined with slower spindle RPM’s and machine feed rates, which would increase the cycle times versus the softer materials. As a general rule, aluminum will machine about 4 times faster than carbon steel, and stainless steel will machine half as fast as carbon steel.

Plastics – Plastic material can be a less expensive alternative to metals if the design does not require the rigidity of metal. Polyethylene is easy to machine, and it is about 1/3 the cost of aluminum. In general terms, ABS is about 1 ½ times the cost of Acetal, Nylon and Polycarbonate are approximately 3 times the cost of Acetal. Although plastics could be a cost-effective material alternative, keep in mind that depending on the geometry, tight tolerances can be harder to hold with plastics and the parts could warp after machining because of the stress created when material is removed.

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